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Here at Stratford Butterfly Farm we have for over 20 years been supplying tropical butterfly pupae to some of the world’s top exhibits.

Due to the unfavourable timings of the bank holidays over Christmas this year we will be unable to ship pupae for two continuous weeks.

We will be unable to send any pupae on week's 52 - 23rd December and 53 (1) - 30th December.

We will be shipping as normal on the 16th December and again from 6th January.

Please let us know asap if you require double or large shipments before or after this break so we can coordinate with our suppliers.

We pride ourselves on our vast experience and knowledge of these beautiful butterflies. Please take a look at our available species list which is updated every Friday or alternatively download our catalogue.

We have a great relationship with our suppliers in Asia, Africa, South and Central America. We meticulously check the quality of these pupae before sending to our customers and we are proud to be a part of the ecological relationship using butterflies sustainably farmed to showcase their beauty and educate about their importance and fragility for all generations.

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